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  Prosthetic Vacuum Donning Systems

What is it?
Vacuum has played an increasing role
in prosthetics over the past decade.      

Vacuum donning is a consistent method of achieving complete engagement of the
residual limb inside a suction suspension prosthesis.  It is known as vacuum assisted wet donning of a prosthesis.  Vacuum donning is an ideal process for those individuals too challenged for alternative donning methods.

Donning can be achieved with this system
whether the patient is standing, seated, or reclining.  Standing provides the quickest  result and is the preferred "if possible" method.  Being seated is the second, most commonly used choice, which leaves reclining as the final effective method.  The process is the same regardless of the patient's position.  The residual limb is lubricated and introduced into the socket creating a seal.  The pump is turned on.  The suction produced will act to pull the socket onto the residual limb.  When you hear the pitch of the pump cycling change, donning is complete.

Many varieties of vacuum donning systems that use A/C power or batteries are available. 
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the Products page for details.

Additionally, Medicare has given    acknowledgement of vacuum donning as a reimbursable prosthetic application. 

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Benefits of Vacuum Donning
  • Improves donning consistency
  • Allows expanded use of suction suspension
  • Repeated donning is easier on limb tissues
  • Upgraded activity levels
  • Upgraded component usage
  • Suction retention on demand
  • Improved volume maintenance
  • Moisture evacuation

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